10 Strategies to get quality backlinks

With link building strategies, you will definitely get quality backlinks. Although not all of them will produce a backlink directly, but our ultimate goal in doing each technique is backlink.

Remember that described above:
Getting backlinks like this a little more difficult, but you do not need a lot, and your website will be 100% safe from the risk of penalty.

1. Provide quality content as a foundation
All SEO practitioners would agree ... it is impossible you can get quality backlinks without having quality content.
Back to the concept:
A backlink is a recommendation form.
Naturally, no one would ever recommend your content, if not interesting, not exceptional, and not qualified.
Not only that…

Although you can achieve page one with regular content (somehow), but slowly your rank will go down again. This is because Google understands if others are satisfied with your item. That's why content is the foundation first.

Quality content is the main foundation of link building All link building techniques below will also need quality content. So make sure you are providing quality content of at least 1. Even as much as possible always create quality content 10x another website's content. If you do not have, take 3 days to 1 week to make this content.

Use the following articles as guidelines:
Creating superior content that is able to get backlinks naturally Method "ID card" to create content most weighty SEO article writing techniques In short, quality content have the following characteristics:

The contents much better than other similar content The topic demand by certain circles who are enthusiastic
Completely resolve the problem faced by many people Served with interesting so easy to read and shared
Creating a new course content infancy. So that the content was able to get backlinks, you still have to do other things.

2. Ask the other website owners

Ridiculous, right?
Ask direct backlink from another website that is active is the most effective techniques in improving the rankings ... when compared to other techniques. "But where there are willing to give backlinks ??"
Surely we would not directly ask for granted.

As explained earlier, you can get backlinks from other people as a form of recommendation on the quality of your content. Therefore, this technique is highly dependent on the content that you have created.

Not only that…

... You also have to establish good relationships with other website owners.

Stages as follows:
Find some website owners in the same topic / like you. Ideally, the target website more popular and we've managed seriously. Find the contact and social networking accounts. Establish rapport: Comment grade every time there is a new article, tweet and share their article, try starting a conversation through social media. Introduce your content to them Notice in the third step, we are in a relationship. It means that the process is not instant.

You will build relationships with others who are more successful. Note also that we who must first "help" them by doing the tweet and share, even we who should first give a backlink. That's right, right?

If you want to get a friend, then both parties must be equally benefited. Not only you bother them. Relationships with successful people is the fastest way to success. And the fastest way to build relationships is to help them first.

3. Broken link building

Technique number 2 had a chance to fail. But with this modification techniques opportunities for us to get a backlink from them become larger.

First sense:
Broken link means of a web page link to other websites which are already dead.
It could be because the domain expired, misspelled, or other reasons.

In this technique, we will find pages of our targets was that had broken links. Then we will give you the content of our own website instead.

As I did some time ago:

Broken link
Another example:
In a page on a website is no article "how to lose weight".

In the article there is a link to another site article about "healthy diet". Unfortunately, these links can not be accessed because of broken links. This is your chance. Create one article topic is the same as the earlier article in broken links. Make sure your article is better than the original article. To check the contents of the link is dead earlier, use the Wayback Machine tool.

Then contact the owner of the website before, be informed that there are no broken links on that page and offer your content instead. Chances of success broken link building technique is higher than ever before.

On the following pages you will learn the bonus two related things broken link building:

An easy way to find websites that had broken link
Example email to contact the website owner
Special Bonus: Click here to learn tips broken link building advanced and 2 other link building techniques are ready for use.
4. Resource link building

When the streets of the internet, you've seen a model like this article:

"5 best fashion blogs in Indonesia", "7 travel bloggers Indonesia", "10 games in Bogor outbound", and the like. Results of travel bloggers
Most likely there are already plenty of bloggers who wrote a similar article on the same topic as your website or business. These articles are already accommodates a lot of links to other websites, 1 adding the link again it should not matter. Instead they will be grateful that you add to their collection.

Do this to get backlinks:
Contact the website owner if the category your site fits with the article. Inform you that you have a blog that is similar, then ask them to look at, examine, and add your website to the list. Give a brief explanation if it is required to facilitate their work.

More on building a resource link in the guide 14 of this SEO technique. 5. Peek competitor backlink
Is a favorite of many practitioners of SEO techniques. You can see your competitor's backlinks using Open Site Explorer service, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, OpenLinkProfiler, or SEO Spy Glass. With peep competitor backlink website, we can get quality backlinks
From the tool above, you will get a list of backlinks that are owned by a website. Usually there are a few backlinks that you can emulate. Suppose the results shown were from a blog, website, or a particular forum, you can also participate or try to get a link on the same website.
This technique has huge potential.
You previously "blind" now you know why the other websites can be successful. But be careful with the type of link spam, avoid low quality website if you do not want to get risk. Can also be used for technical support number 2 above.

6. Website directories clean

Be careful, the website could have negative consequences in the form of a directory.
There is a website directory you should avoid. Characteristics: Directory ugly topic is too diverse, without filter / selection, no visitor activity, and most of the websites listed there also unclear quality. In a glance we can see a directory like this. Conversely, a good directory is a directory moderated by tight so that the website listed there also qualified and have appropriate topics.

If you find such a directory, list your website.
Usually a good directory is the business directory. You have a business website, this is the easiest way to get backlinks passable quality. Again, remember: Do not submit websites to directories whose reputation is not clear.

7. Guest blogging to get traffic

Guest blogging is the FIRST thing you should do after they finish building the website. Because not only backlinks, you will get traffic. And the technique is equally beneficial to both parties. That is why many bloggers who accept guest post, provided that quality article. But be careful: In late 2014 Google said link guest post from just any blog will lead to a penalty. That is, the guest post link can be bad also that quality does not come from a website that is made only to accommodate a guest post.

Guest post like this is:
Guest post paid They provide a "guest post service" paid. Although they say high quality, but in fact is not qualified ... and even dangerous.

PBN (Private Blog Network) also fall into the category that is prohibited by this rule.
On the contrary: If indeed his blog has a good reputation and you got a guest post with the permission of the owner of the blog without compensation, it does not matter. Not only the link, you will get a steady flow of visitors.

To search for websites that accept guest blogger with a specific topic, use this keyword to perform a search on Google (without the quotes):

"Topics" guest post
guest blogger "Topics"
"Topics" guest blog
guest post "Topics"
"Topic" write for us
For example: "guest blog business opportunity".

After the meet, contact the owner of the blog by email.

There also does not specify that they accept guest blog, it never hurts to contact the owner of the website even though they did not say anything about guest bloggers. To start, gather 5-10 websites with topics similar to you then ask them one by one. The characteristics of a good website to guest blog

Already quite old, more than 1 year Topics are relevant to your website Trafficnya high enough, can be checked on Alexa or SimilarWeb Enthusiastic readers, can be seen from the comments or his social accounts
The design is not cluttered and the content weight Backlink from guest post on the blog quality results are devastating.

For example, some time ago I made one guest blog that contains links to study guides SEO. Less than a week later, that page directly into page one of Google for the main keywords. Whereas the level of difficulty is very high. In addition, until now there are dozens of people per day coming from the guest post article.

Backlink from guest blogging is very effective if it is from a reputable website
8. Fishing attention to the ego temple

My confusion to translate the term ego into Indonesian temple because there is not the right term.

This technique utilizes human nature.

How to discuss the person / business / organization in the content we have created.

The hope they will realize the 'bait' of you, happy / proud, then promote your content on the website in the form of links and mentions in social media.

There are several examples of the application of ego couplet:

Creating a collection of website content in the form of a list, for example "20 best health blog in Indonesia"
Create content list of the best articles on a topic
Discuss specifics about the success / story of a particular person in a single article
One example egobait fairly successful example blogging tips guide of the best bloggers in Indonesia.

It could also create quizzes and provide badge / award like this:

Make sure your content is positive, quality, and / or beneficial to others. By meeting these criteria, then you can make egobait effective.

If you want to create articles or content that contains ego temple, take advantage of the popularity of this trigger element 6.

9. Create a link content temple

The term is similar to the temple of the ego, but the understanding is different.

As explained above, the temple ego means we provoke feelings (happy / proud) than others.

Link temple is somewhat different:

Link temple means we create content in any form that is able to invite the attention of many people at once so that the potential gain backlinks so high.

There are several forms of application of the temple link:

A controversial article which talks so more people
Interactive content that are useful or may make people entertained, such as calculators, game or quiz
The article is an explanation of a news or opinion that is popular
A comprehensive guide to be the main guidelines whenever needed
Presentation of data analysis or research results

10. Take advantage of content sharing platform

Social bookmarking is one of the content-sharing platform that is frequently targeted by a new website owner. But there are types of content sharing platforms such as:

SlideShare - content presentation
YouTube & Vimeo - video
Medium - article
Kompasiana - articles, Indonesia
Lintas.me, VIVAlog - social bookmarking, Indonesia
Reddit - social bookmarking
Some websites above does nature nofollow ...

... They've got their own audience base, we can "ride" to directly get readers.

No loss at all.

Although it may not benefit directly, but SEO is a very effective medium to promote content. In addition to the form of links, you will get visitors.

But backlinknya quality is not necessarily counted.

... Depending on the response of others.

If your item there received good response from the users for example in the form of comment, like, or share, then your link classified as a quality backlink. Whereas if on the contrary, may even not be indexed.
Therefore do not spam.Post spam on these sites usually immediately sink because there will not be people who are interested. It's better to send 1 quality content than 1000 spam content.

11. Creating viral content

If you are a creative person to create an image, video, or music, try to create the potential to become viral.
Popular content will have an explosion of visitors, the number of social media share to increase dramatically, and of course you will get a backlink. Often 1 viral content is enough to create a website so popular.

Infographics is one form of content more easily become viral than regular articles.
Make sure your website social media-friendly by using pictures / photos are interesting, install the key sharing, as well as using the Open Graph meta and Twitter cards.
You can take advantage of the popularity of this trigger element 6 to create viral content.

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