8-quality source baclink

8-quality source baclink - Blog optimization techniques are very diverse, in addition to on-page SEO we also need to maximize the SEO off page that is very influential on our blog google eyes. SEO offpage can we do to get a backlink or feedback to our blog. In fact, the backlink is included in the source of traffic that we must maximize, there are many sources of backlinks that we can use.

For the beginner blogger is not difficult to make a backlink is, based on the experience of the master bloggers have 8 backlink sources should we try, among other things:

1. Social Bookmarking Site
The site is many people use to manage their blog pages, organize, and save the page. To get a backlink from this site was not too difficult, you are only required to register and submit the URL of your post. Backlink itself there are dofollow or nofollow depending on the policy of the site. I myself prefer to stumbleupon.com and reddit.com

2. Social Media
Backlinks from sites such as facebook, twitter, G +, about.me is a source of reliable and high quality backlinks as counted by Google as a social signal.

3. Comments Blog
Many people believe that a comment has been ineffective blog. Namu, the assumption was wrong. I just can traffic from blogwalking or comments. Include keywords of your blog in the comments and choose a site that is not moderate comments. Usually this blog as much use go.id domain, sch.id, co.id, .net, .info etc. Please use the following keywords to look for:
site: co.id/semua-berita.html

8-quality source baclink
4. Site Video
One source of backlinks that you should try is the video conten provider sites such as youtube.com, dailymotion.com, vimeo.com etc. To be able backlink from video sites you have to have your own video blog and put your keyword in the description field of video that you upload. Example: How pratis BBM'an on the computer.

5. Web 2.0
The site is known as a free site that allows us untu post and publish. In addition to free, web 2.0 is preferred in order to get a backlink because the root domain has a PR (page rank) high. Ideas include: wordpress.com, blogspot.com, hpage.com etc.

6.Situs outer Institutional
Site institutions, especially educational institutions is a site that is the designation for a school or college, there is also a blog community usually students or students. Site from abroad is one quality backlink. You can search for the .edu domain.

7. Site Authority
An authority site is a site with diverse functions and topics. You must create a profile page with how to become a member. Well in this profile was the one you could put a backlink. Because authority sites it will generate backlinks super steady. example: flickr.com, drupal.org, disqus.com etc.

8. Sharing Site PDF
As the name of this site is to share the site or sites to publish our documents in the form of .pdf files. Links from the PDF file can be read by the google robot so it will be a good backlink. Paste the URL of your blog in the PDF file and upload it to the service provider's site, among others: issuu.com, doocu.com, scribd.com etc.

Simply mix 8 to the source so that your blog can be a quality backlink. Remember to do as natural as possible and not to indications of spam. So is the end of the discussion of 8 new blog backlink sources. Hope it is useful.

source: 4dzkia Blog

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