Compressing way template Blog

Compressing way template Blog
Compressing HTML template blog is a wise step to reduce the burden of living our blog. I mean the burden of loading sob..hehe, visitor traffic delays can be caused by loading our blog hard, so pages view will not swell. Let us compress HTML our blog by:

1. Login to blogger> select the template> Edit HTML> then copy the HTML code of your blog.
2. Go to this site: Compress HTML
Then paste to  available, could see the picture below.

3. Checklist "do not compress the HTML of the document", click compress.
4 Furthermore, the HTML code Compressing earlier results will appear below, then copy and paste it in your blog, essentially to replace the old HTML. Save the template if the preview is not an error.
5. Please check the loading speed of your blog after being compressed, if you do not know how to read the article by checking blog loading speed.

a. before Compressing HTML, it is important to download the template beforehand because just in case if an error occurs the template may be restored earlier.
b. can also for comparison after and before being compressed.

Hopefully this article useful and your blog could gallop, see also the article on 6 tips so fast loading blog. Thank you for visiting. greetings :)

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