How to Check the uniqueness of the article

How to Check the uniqueness of the article - you would be familiar with the activities of writing articles, of course as a writer if we do not want our work is referred to as copy and paste articles alias plagiarism. Of course this is very humbling us as bloggers. Although sometimes the topics we discuss are common and have been discussed by many people. The uniqueness of the article can also bring many visitors or visitors to the blog. And of course if we blog crowded it will be easier to register our blog to Google AdSense.

Well on this occasion 4dzkia blog will discuss how to check the authenticity of the article, meaning that if the articles we write it is original or not. Here I only use tools that are already available online called Plagiarism Checker, Listen carefully:

  1. Please go to the site
  2. Copy your article to be published into a column that has been provided (see picture below)
  3. Enter the code
  4. Click checker
  5. Then the result will appear as shown below,

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You can find out what percentage of the level of uniqueness of your article. Easy to you, hopefully this article useful. Thank you for reading the article How to Check uniqueness article. Good luck.

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