How to create fast loading blog

Are you? wish you good health always. In the previous article I've posted about how to determine the loading speed of your blog. My friend all certainly have a blog right, pal surely all agree that blogs are slow will not make visitors linger access. Blog speeding the loading will be favored by search engines, and of course also favored by visitors.

We question the same, how to make our blog speeding when it opens? Please see the tips below:

1. Select the template that is fast loading, by searching on google with keyword "responsive template" or "template SEO friendly.
2. Try to put the home page of the posting is not more than 7 post, a post that many will make weight blog.
3. Brief article to create a link "read more"
4. Do not use a large image size, compressed try first. For myself, I prefer to compress with facebook, facebook reason I compress of small size and the quality remains excellent. how to upload photos and then downloaded again. Please compare the size of the original file.
5. Do a lot of video, because only struggling will make your blog :)
6. Use javascript and CSS as necessary

Okay friends, the little tips of 4dzkia about making blogs fast loading. Read how to bypass internet article also positive.
Thank you for visiting. greetings :)

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