how to create a sitemap

how to create a sitemap - One important factor in a blog that sitemap, sitemap is also often called the table of contents. Perhaps many of the bloggers who do not know what it sitemap. Before we discuss how to create a sitemap us first understand about the sitemap. Sitemap is almost the same as the table of contents in a book, a blog should also have a list of contents. So, any posts that we make will look neat and clear to the sitemap so that visitors can see a list of the contents of our blog.

The function of the sitemap itself actually seeks to make visitors find articles they need. Requirements to create a sitemap you have to make the label first, without label sitemap will not appear on our blog.

To create a sitemap see the steps below:
1. Log in to your blogger account.
2. Select the "Page" and select "new old".
3. Change the setting "Compose" to "HTML"
4. Once entered into the menu HTML page that you just created, enter the following script:

<script src = "" type = "text / javascript"> </ script>
<script src = ";alt=json-in-
script & amp; callback = loadtoc "> </ script>

Replace URL with the URL web / blog, then publish.
to the sitemap page here already so, just how do we enter into our blog. You can copy the URL of the page
sitemap you the way.
1. go to the menu layout
2. select which page will be placed

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