How to increase the number of visitors

How to increase the number of visitors - Who does not like to have a lot of visitors, all the bloggers wanted it. But we all know to get a lot of visitors that is not an easy thing, we need to provide interesting articles, templates are light, and can build a relationship with the visitor through the comments or forums.
SEO and traffic are two things that can not be separated, all interconnected. SEO itself is a step to bring traffic. So we need to underline this SEO optimization, both onpage and off page.
On this occasion 4dzkia blog will explain the factors that can bring traffic to your blog, if you want your blog visited by many visitors follow these steps:

1. Search Engine
Visitors who came from search engines is one of the goals of the bloggers, most of the visitors come from search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. To be indexed in the search engines first page a lot of things we have to do, among others diligently update status and had a quality back link.

2. Social Media
One source of traffic that is both social media such as facebook, twitter, G + and many more. Indeed, it is easy but it is hard, but if you succeed then your blog will be flooded with visitor. Social media is a source of traffic that will not die, you can create a page for the blog, twitter account and of course it must be done correctly.

3. Reference Site
blogwalking indeed sometimes we have to do to build good traffic. We can build a good relationship by commenting on other blogs, of course with constructive comments and delivered with a polite language.

Please combine these three factors for your blog more attractive and more visitors and alexa rank of your blog will be small, Thank you for reading the article How to increase the number of visitors.

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