How to Make Page Disclaimer

How to Make Page Disclaimer - Disclaimer namely the rules on a given web page auditor that relate to something that is on a web page, and so protector for the web owner. Disclaimer very useful on a web because it contains the rules imposed on a web.
The following step by step create a page disclaimer on the blog
  1. Please visit the sites that provide manufacturing disclaimer, please visit
  2. after the you go to the site you are required to fill form data according to the condition of your blog. The site I recommend because it is free and is enough for personal blog. Unless your website is owned institutions or companies. See the picture below
  • Site tittle, In this field please fill in your blog title.
  • Site URL, In this column please use your blog URL, ex:
  • Contact link, Please fill in the contact to call, such as email, facebook, G + or if you've created a page contact us living in point to that link.
  • Email Address, Please enter your email address which can be contacted associated with your blog.Email Encryption
  • Please fill in this column on your behalf

If all the columns have been filled then click Generate Disclaimer and we will be directed to a page. Please copy and place it on the page that you have prepared. If you can not make a static page, please read the article and how to create a sitemap page. This mode is very easy I think you already understand. Hopefully this article useful. Good luck, greetings :)

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