How to Optimize Video Youtube

Youtube Video Optimization - Hello my friend, had tried to play AdSense youtube? If not start trying your luck on the website YouTube. What AdSense can play it on Youtube? The answer is very able, I myself have started a year ago and has resulted in the dollar, although slightly. Because it is a little video that I uploaded.

Back to the title above, here I will give a little explanation about how to optimize video on youtube or so-called SEO Youtube. This optimization is not much different from the optimizations we do on your blog or web. This video optimization we need to do in order to be able to upload video viewer that we are many. The way I say just based on experience and a bit of learning to master

Perform the following steps may be useful:
  1. Create and upload video is interesting, informative and have a long duration of about 5-10 minutes, or can be customized as needed. Why? because youtube also calculate the length of the video we watched, so the longer the duration of the video is getting a lot of dollars that we get.
  2. Make HD quality video (high definition) and also on its audio, Why? because the video quality will also affect the amount of viewer, for example if the video that we uploaded .3gp then the result is not good because it will break the current picture in full screen.
  3. Please add voice over is by mentioning the words that could be the keyword, because youtube can detect the voice over which then will be converted into the subtitle.
  4. Before upload, rename videos with keywords that you shoot or you are targeting, try a title that makes people shocked and wanted to see. Example: 30 seconds so that Google indexed the article. 
  5. Begin your title with the keyword or keywords in the viewfinder.
  6. In the description column filled with sentences that can contain keywords, try natural and not overdone like when creating SEO friendly article.
  7. Please enter your keywords in the video tag, be it the main keyword or keyword SLI (additional keyword)
  8. Increase good reputation for your channel, because the channel quality can multiply subscriber
  9. The power of social media, do social promotional media such as facebook. twitter, istagram, etc.
  10. Use of web services that can increase traffic, such as because as we know the website is a means to exchange links with a point system. 
  11. Make internal links, as in the blog article, the internal link is important because it can make the viewer linger in our channel. Internal links can we make use of existing facilities on youtube, in the form of note.

How friend? interested in playing AdSense youtube right. Unfortunately if we have a unique video, funny and useful but we only store in the hard disk. Better for the channel on youtube and monetize so dollars. A few tips from me, if my friend had another opinion please comment and I will input to this article. Thank you for reading How to Optimize Video Youtube. Hope it is useful.
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