How to Safely Using Google AdSense

How to Safely Using Google AdSense - Hello all, before going into the topic permits the blog 4dzkia congratulate Idul Adha 1436H. Okay, PPC google adsense is already widely used by bloggers to monetize their sites. Google adsense credibility was no doubt anymore, they are always on time to make payments to the publisher. So that used as a long term investment.

For those of you who are just starting searching through google adsense dollars, it helps you see this article.

Type Banned Google Adsense
Banned types there are several types, and we need to consider and be aware of:

a. Banned Blog
At this banned, adsense ads can not appear on a particular blog (for those of you who use more than one blog). Banned This can happen because your blog is in violation of Google AdSense policies, for example in the form of the article contents conten. If you get banned is simply a correction back your article. and to appeal to google if you think it does not violate Google policies.

b. Banned Google AdSense account
Banned this one you should be aware. If you get banned adsense account means your adsense account has been finished, because Google is very sensitive. Banned is very difficult to be returned and categorized as banned high level. One-time adsense account banned then it will be difficult to restore trust google to us. You would be hard to register again because your name is already on the blacklist. We recommend using a new blog and new e-mail in order to be accepted google adsense opportunities still exist.

How to Secure Main Google AdSense to avoid getting banned. If we have received so adsense publishers should keep your account and follow the tips below so that your account can still produce its dollars every month.

1. The first thing you must not do is click on the ad itself, it is very not right. Never you have the mind can trick google. google system is very sophisticated and can sniff out fraud his small publisher.

2. Should advertised accordingly. This policy must take due to errors in advertising will result in your adsense account age will not be long. It prohibited, among others:
a. advertise your blog sticky yard. That is, the ad will remain visible even if the user scroll the page up or down. If you do this really fix.
b. Do not include writing command for clicking on ads near google adsense ads, this is strictly prohibited by Google. Let the user clicks the ad if it is of interest to them.

c. Do not modify the color and display advertising. Maybe we are trying to make the ads look more attractive in the eyes of visitors when it was banned by google. Let the original ad on google both the look and source code.

3. Pay attention to your article published. Be careful when writing articles, remember google is very sensitive and always check the contents of our articles. Avoid the use of vulgar words, drugs, gambling, etc.

4. Moderating comments before publication. The comment column is a gap which could cause our adsense account banned. Our article may not be a problem, but remember there are the comments field that could be the source of words banned by google. It is important for us bloggers to moderate comments on our article.

5. Do not order or ask others to click on ads. Conversations are essentially asks click of others also violate the provisions of google adsense. Although done via email, posting and social media.

6. Use the original article. Never copy and paste blindly. It is highly prohibited by google, write good articles and SEO friendly in order to bring in traffic.

A few tips from 4dzkia about how to safely avoid getting banned google adsense. May be useful to readers wherever you are. Thank you.

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