How to sign up for Google AdSense Easy To Received

Google Adsense (GA) is a PPC (pay per click) the best proven their pay to the publisher. There are many ways to become a publisher GA, can pass youtube or blog. Almost all bloggers both novice and experienced already have an account with adsense already generate dollars each month. The amount of dollars generated each is different depending on the quality and number of visitors to their blog. No wonder if Google Adsense become the target of many people to make money from the internet.

Because of its popularity is that Google really strict in approving those who sign up for AdSense. Many of them smiled as acceptable and some are frustrated because it is very difficult to become publisher google.

Actually there is no reference standard is the requirement that we received Google Adsense, if not violate the TOS and other policies. Here I will give some surefire tips to be accepted google adsense in one list.

  1. Use the template that is simple but attractive, not too beautiful so that it will make the blog feel heavy when opened. please read article 6 surefire tips for blogs fast loading.
  2. Do not forget to do the correct page SEO optimization. submit an example of the new article in order to be indexed by google.
  3. Serve quality articles and original, do not ever do a copy and paste without having to edit it first.
  4. Do not presenting pornographic content, gambling and anything that may violate regulations google.
  5. When you're in a period of review when registering, try a day diligently posting articles at least 4 article or more.
  6. Avoid errors when your blog is being reviewed.

Hopefully the above tips useful, even though once again there is no standard rules on this issue. Do your best and hopefully your blog is accepted so that you can collect the coffers of dollars. good luck. Thank you for visiting the blog 4dzkia. greetings :)

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