How to Optimize New Blog 2017

Greeting bloggers, blogging is something that is fun for us bloggers. Dozens of new blogs with the faithful we manage, because hoping with more and more blogs that we have it will be more profitable right. All bloggers expect new blogs they manage to instantly bring in huge traffic. But do you know? that new blogs need more attention in order to be able to compete in search engines with long blogs.

Is blog optimization a part of a promotion? So true! Blog is a site content management system with additional functions like comments, trackbacks and RSS. Blogs are really no different from websites. It takes perseverance in developing a blog in order to perform optimally in this infinite world. If you can optimize the content in blogs that will be indexed, categorized and easily read by search engines, is an advantage that can be used to support all your blogging activities.

There are so many tips that we have to do so that our new blog can be a place in page one google, at least it can be place although not on the first grid. Please take a good look at the steps below, so that our baby blog soon grow smart and mature.

1. Determine the niche that will shoot. The first thing you should do first is to determine your blog niche. Please use the tool from Google to find what the most searched for netizens for the past month. Niche is popular and sought after people will be able to attract big traffic. But, the more popular the niche you are aiming for the heavier as well as your rivals. So my message wise in choosing your niche blog. Examples of popular niches are: Search Engine Optimatizion

2. Determine the right tittle, discription, and keywords for your blog. The more precisely the keywords that you input then your blog opportunity to be visited by visitors is very wide open. Please take advantage of tools from google or from some sites that provide services "sugestion keyword" for free.

3. Submit Blog URL to Webmaster tools google, yahoo, or bing. Let them take care of your blog well. The advantage that you can get that is, your new blog will soon be indexed on their search engine. Lots of blogs that have been aged but not indexed in search engines. You can read How to Register a New Blog to Yahoo and Bing.

4. Update Articles Periodically. The power of a blog is content, so try to update your article on a regular basis. I own at least one article in one day, if you can afford more than one article. Much better but try to be as natural as possible and write an SEO friendly article. So open the article copy and paste, because it will only make the prestige of your new blog will drop in the eyes of search engines.

5. Creating Internal Links, What is the usefulness of internal links? internal links are very useful for optimizing your blog. With the internal link is expected visitors do not immediately click the close button, because interested in your other articles. Internal links will be able to make your blog pageview bigger, this is the most expected many bloggers.

6. Make Quality Backlink. As many discussed by master bloggers, one source of traffic is backlinks. How to create quality backlinks? You can create interesting articles that can lure visitors to share your articles and also become a reference article for their blog. Or you can also do blogwalking or commenting on other blogs that are still one niche with your blog. By commenting you will leave a trail and someday there may be visitors who come to your blog. Please comment properly, so be spam or just comment.

7. Social Media. The last optimization you have to do is utilize social networking sites like Google+, twitter, facebook, etc. Because as we know social media as I mentioned above is a source of perpetual traffic. There is even a great website that only do optimization through social media. Because if competing on search engines is very difficult because the algorithm used for reference is always changing. Create an account for your new blog on facebook, twitter, Google+, etc.

Thus, a good blogger should be aware of how these types of channels can be used in online marketing techniques as a whole. Blogs are one of many profitable platforms when optimized well.

Many professional bloggers use certain blogging software to manage certain types of content on their websites, such as online media spaces, newsletters, how to answer frequently asked questions and provide product updates they sell through blogs. This of course can make a blog site to be friendly in search engines.

Managing a blog requires hard work and smart work - especially tenacity. But if done with a vengeance and maximize existing resources, then the rewards can be very significant.

Online marketing through blogs receives most of its traffic from search engines. The number of organic visitors determines how big the quality of a blog viewed from the number of visitors who get the blog address in accordance with keywords that are successfully indexed by search engines.

Of course this provision may change from time to time, but here we can get great benefits by diligently optimizing the blog or better known as SEO (Search Engine Optimation) to be friendly in search engines, and explain to people who wonder about the benefits of search engine optimization when we are serious about managing a blog.

Bonus benefits of an optimized blog:

Empower RSS directories. With appropriate and targeted blogs and RSSs, your blog site can get a lot of benefits in search engines. Websites without good feeds make blogs not included in these types of directories and will have difficulty indexed well by search engines. Once the importance of RSS, then you should learn about this from now on.

So the discussion of me, please do the steps above for your new blog getting faster traffic stable. Thank you for reading the How to Optimize New Blog article. Hopefully useful for all.