Combine Imagination and Technology, Google Launches New Android with OREO!

Combine Imagination and Technology, Google Launches New Android with OREO!

is a Linux-based operating system designed for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Android was originally developed by Android, Inc., with financial support from Google, which then bought it in 2005.

In the era of smartphones that become everyday objects, technology continues and continues to be updated. What was once considered so sophisticated, it turns out tomorrow-tomorrow has become obsolete items because there are more sophisticated. Once there is Android Nougat, now appears again a new, the Android 8.0 OREO!

"It's amazing that iconic brands like OREO and Android can work together to really reflect the personality of both," says Justin Parnell, Global Brang Director of OREO.
Feel familiar? Yup, because OREO is the name of the world's favorite biscuit. The launch of Android Oreo on August 21 marks a global collaboration between the OREO brand and Google which is also marked by the launch of Android O 8.0 OREO Superhero. The merger of two very different things is certainly not without meaning. So what is the greatness of new Android that will soon complement your smart phones?

New Android is not only powerful, but also full of imagination like childhood.
Prepared as a popular cultural icon, Android OREO combines OREO and Android smarts to spread the fun among users. Android OREO Superhero, like any other superhero in the world, is always ready to help people with their ingenuity. Illustrated with one hand up, the Oreo superhero is also equipped with a visualization of milk that is identical to ORIEO. Every time Android OREO turns on its system, there will be splashes of milk as a sign of his footsteps.

"OREO's mission is to bring consumers across a fun experience, so combining the joy of OREO with the power of Android is the perfect combination. Through the OREO Android superhero characters, we are continuing our journey to engage fans around the world in innovative ways. "Dian Ramadianti, Brand Manager Treats of Biscuits Mondelez Indonesia said.

As the mainstay biscuit of the OREO family, which was launched by Nabisco, now transformed into Mondelez international, has been present for over 100 years. One thing that has never been forgotten from OREO is its tagline. Played - Dijilat - Dyeleted has become a typical ritual when eating Oreo. This spirit seems to be pointed out by Android 8.0 OREO to Indonesian consumers who like multitasking in using smartphones in everyday life.

The blend of powerful and powerful OREO Android characters makes this collaboration create joyful android characters, connectivity as well as an exciting, creative, and imaginative childhood nostalgia. No wonder Android 8.0 OREO's global campaign titled Oreo Wonderfilled carrying the tagline Open Wonder. Because this combined concept makes it smarter, faster, stronger, but sweeter than ever. So despite being multitasking open a variety of applications ranging from social media to work, smartphone barriers can slowly be dimimalisir.

Android is one of the most familiar smartphone devices in Indonesia. While the current needs of the community is also increasing, so the need for technology more rapidly. That's what the Android 8.0 OREO tries to be a capable device for everyday life.