New Technologies 2017

More and more, technological developments are increasingly rapid. Things that used to be impossible, everything can be adjusted with the increasingly fast internet connection. The 2017 Adfest Forum predicts some of the technologies that will be the trend in 2017. Anything?

1. Artificial Intelligence

Citing Forbes, artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is not something new. From time to time, artificial intelligence continues to grow. Even so with the learning machine. Experts say, throughout 2017, more and more devices are equipped with artificial intelligence and learning machines.

2017 is predicted to be the time of competition of major companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and IBM in the development of their artificial intelligence technology in their respective products. By complement, the development and use of learning machinery will be widespread in the technological world.

2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were introduced to consumers last year and stocks continued to expand in 2017. It was not separated from the roles of various companies that released apps, devices and games with this technology.

The year 2017 is forecast to be key for VR and AR development. Moreover, now more and more companies are establishing themselves to develop this technology more seriously.

Its use is not just for games, VR and AR can be used in many ways, such as marketing a product through experience in the virtual world using VR. Meanwhile, AR can be used to support digital businesses such as e-commerce and many others.

3. Video

The development of fast internet network touted would support the consumption of video by smartphone users. Evidently, now a variety of technology giant companies focus on working on video services respectively. Call it the social network made by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.

In fact, Facebook Vice President Nicola Mendelsohn when interviewed Fortune mentions, the future of Facebook is on mobile devices and video. Without a doubt, he also revealed, the consumption of this video continues to increase. So also with Snapchat is aggressively developing video-based services.

Not to forget, Forbes mention, on-demand video services also make a rage. For example, to watch movies or music media. By complement, this term of 2017, the increase in on-demand video services will also jump sharply, especially with the fast internet and penetration of an increasingly widespread smartphone.

Message Apps

4. Messaging Application

Widespread penetration of smartphones plus the smooth internet connection makes people more diligent to use data packets for various needs. Many telco operators some time ago called services such as SMS and phone traffic decreased compared to 2015. Meanwhile, data consumption did rise significantly.

Increased use of data due to users access digital applications, one of them messaging apps (messaging apps). No wonder when the application of a message successfully become a technology trend in 2017. Moreover, the message application is now not only used for chatting, but also shopping, read news, play games, watch videos, buy credit, and many other things.

5. e-Commerce

Indonesia is vigorously developing the economy of digital citizens, e-commerce is one part of the digital economy.

So convinced, the government has a vision to be the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia with a valuation of US $ 130 billion or approximately Rp 1.756 trillion. The seriousness of the government to promote e-commerce is evidenced by the roadmap (e-commerce roadmap).

Currently, with e-commerce, users can make transactions without having to meet face to face or go to the mall or traditional markets. Simply by opening an app on a smartphone, people can buy things you want, including services. Together with electronic transactions, everything becomes easier and promising. No wonder if e-commerce is the future for the technology world.