10 Ways SEO Video Optimization Youtube

With an increasingly innovative SEO marketing strategy every day, it is not surprising that YouTube has made a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization rankings. Getting higher rankings for your pages with the help of YouTube videos is a pretty good strategy,

About 1 billion viewers visit YouTube every month making this search engine platform the second largest after Google. The development of Youtube is also considered very fast, This is because Youtube invite everyone to develop this video bergai app together. youtube will also give us income or income if our videos and channels are successful.

For the youtuber, have a lot of view, and the subflict is booming big dreams. Not just a creative hobby to create a creative video, Youtuber can also make money from his hobby. In what way ? by getting ads.

Actually not all Youtubers rely on Google Adsense Ads as their income fields, but they can also get personal sponsorship because the channels they manage already have a name and popular, let alone the Channel has a Niche or an interesting discussion, unique, and others than others.

Actually SEO technique (Search Engine Optimization) is not very important in Youtube app. Because we can see, many Youtuber just uploaded origin, and give the title carelessly. just the viewer and subcribe they are increasing very much, and not infrequently, nongrong in trending youtube.

However, this does not mean the SEO technique is not useful at all. indeed Google Algorithm and Youtube is different, so SEO for youtube is slightly different with SEO for Google. Well without any further lengthening, here are 10 SEO Techniques Youtube.

10 Ways SEO Video Optimization Youtube

Define a Relevant Niche

Before you create a Channel and upload a video, before it's important to determine the Niche or discuss what the Channel will focus on. Determine an eternal Niche, so do not call it Gado-Gado (the discussion is mixed). Why, because usually your lasting Niche will mebat your viewer to remember the Channel you created.

Channel Name

Once you have determined your Niche, then set the Niche that is in line with your Channel discussion. For example if you choose Niche Review, What is wrong if you give a name that also has the word review. Why ? because your viewer will probably remember your Channel first if they want to find out something about the review.
Channel Determination here does not have to follow people. No need to imitate who has successfully created a successful Channel, make a difference. But if you have to imitate someone Niche who has succeeded, try better than the Channel. because it will be difficult for you to compete if your video is not good even more ugly than your rival Channel.

File Name

The first technique is to name the video file before you upload it on youtube. Examples like this, if the Niche you want to upload it is about reviewing the object, try the file you want to upload is also named review objects. Why, the file you uploaded will be stored on the youtube server,

Proverbial if you want to find a file on your computer, but you forget where the file is, maybe you will look in the search field by typing the name of the file you are looking for. Well this is also true when you upload a video file on Youtube. Youtube server will be easier to find your file if there is someone who searches for your targeted keywords.


As always, keyword usage helps identify matching words for the video you're looking for. Keywords should be included in the video title and description. Choose your targeted keyword pliers, but the selection of the target word is just one or two keywords. do not be too keyword, let alone give it in title that you make. Example

1. How To Optimize Good Youtube SEO
2, How to Optimize SEO on Youtube and Blog of Good and True.

If you have to choose which keywords are good in the two examples above, then the answer is the first keyword. Why ? because the target keyword in the first example has only one or two keywords. different in the second example that is a lot of target keywords. Then what result? Your prospective viewer will be assured of what they are looking for. They want to search about "SEO Youtube" only, not to search for "SEO Youtube and Blog".

Tags and categories

During the process of uploading videos on YouTube, you are given the option to upload under certain categories related to the video. Tagging helps identify videos from different categories. Taq also works to display your videos on one's youtube homepage. So for example like this, if you give Tag Youtube SEO in your video, then the viewer who likes to look for video about SEO, will display your video on their homepage.

Title Video

Regardless of containing about 50 characters, the title should also include relevant target keywords to connect the content. Try to give like

1. Titles that can make people's attention.
2. Titles that make people curious.
3. Love what keywords they will get in your video.
4. Make titles with understandable language.

Video Description

Just like the Blog, the description will help the viewer get assurance of what they are looking for. Give some descriptions in your video, as well as short stories or sipnosis in a movie. And spread some of the keywords you target in your video description.

Create a Good Thumbnail

Take advantage of the Thumbnail feature in your video, if you do not currently know what thumbnail is, now the thumbnail is a supporting image that will appear in your video. The story is a preliminary picture before anyone clicks on the video. So create a thumbnail image that can attract attention by your prospective viewer.


Annotations can be associated with other videos, related videos, your playlists, and channels. It's smart to guide your viewer to explore every video on your Channel. For example you can insert related videos while your video is running, or you can also suggest your viewer to to watch the previous video. The more your viewer gets lost on your Channel, the more viewers you'll get.

Make Useful Videos

Well this is the last point at once the most important. Make a useful video for your subcriber. Useful word here is very broad, because each person must have their own goals, is entitled to choose what video they will watch on this day. For example simple aja, Candidate viewer you're upset and need a funny video and make laugh. Well maybe aja video you upload on Youtube with entertaining Niche can be useful for that person. So essentially make a useful video.

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