how to turn on 4G connections

Currently Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone is officially released in 4G locked condition. That means, the user can not use the network. But users need not worry, because there are special ways that can be done to open the 4G connection.

1. Users who want to use 4G connection in Redmi Note 3

can take advantage of secret Android menu. This method can still be used even though the phone has been updated to MIUI version 8.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

When you are using a 4G SIM card, you can start following this way. First, turn on Airplane Mode to turn off the connection to the network and open the SIM card slot. The purpose of opening this slot so that the card inside is not detected by the system, so you just loosen it.

3. Enter the secret menu

Next, open the phone call menu and type * # * # 4636 # * # *. This is a shortcut to enter into one of the secret menu of the phone with Android operating system. The contents are the settings of your phone's network connection. Once the menu is open, immediately select Phone Information 1 and slide to the bottom. Search for "Set preferred network type". Then click on the paper to appear various list of networks supported by Redmi Note 3. Usually will appear various types of connections, ranging from 2G, CDMA, 3G, up to 4G. Please note that the network selection menu will not be changed if you are using Redmi Note 3 in the state of the SIM card installed. For that reason you should take it off first.

4. Enable CDMA Only

Of the many variations of network connection types in the secret menu, look for the words "CDMA Only". Select this option and exit the secret menu. After exit, immediately insert the SIM card into the appropriate slot. You'll notice that the mobile phone is temporarily working to find the appropriate network.

5. Go to Android Settings Menu immediately
Right after closing the secret menu and re-inserting the SIM card, you must immediately enter the settings menu (Settings), open the SIM Card & Mobile Network option, and select the number installed in slot 1. Next, search for "Preferred network type". In the menu now there are options Global, Preferred 4G (CDMA), and Preferred 3G (CDMA). Choose Preferred 4G (CDMA) option. Exit the menu and note the icons that display the cell phone signal bar. You will see the shape has changed, into two bars in a stacked position, like on a CDMA phone. In the bottom bar is empty, while the bar above will appear 4G posts. This indicates mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is already able to connect to the fast internet network.

6. Can not phone

But there is one drawback when you turn on 4G using this secret menu method. Since network support is converted to CDMA, GSM based numbers will not be used for outgoing calls, receiving calls, or sending short messages (SMS).

It's a good idea to use two numbers if you want to use this method. By using two numbers, you can divide it, the first slot for 4G internet connection only, while the second slot to accommodate the main number used to call and other activities.

Good luck!

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