The advantages and disadvantages of Hp xiaomi

This time I want to share information about the advantages and disadvantages of hp xiaomi, with the aim to provide additional information to you who want to buy hp xiaomi, because I see there are many who ask about hp xiaomi, especially concerning good or not hp xiaomi.

Looks like the question arises from you who want to buy hp xiaomi but still hesitant with quality hp xiaomi because not yet get enough information, finally ask in hopes of getting answer from user xiaomi experienced and have got much information about this hp.

In Indonesia itself is currently xiaomi is on the rise and already have a name, plus more fans from day to day more and more. There are many considerations why many people love xiaomi compared with other hp, one of them because in the country that is China, hp xiaomi can be a product that has high sales level, even reportedly can beat samsung.

To know the quality of xiaomi deeper before buy it then you have to know xiaomi more detail, at least you have read testimony from user, so you can know advantages and disadvantages of hp xiaomi, so you can consider before deciding to buy it.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the xiaomi you should know before deciding to buy them
Xiaomi company to date has released various versions of xiaomi phone from xiaomi redmi 3 S, xiami redmi 3 pro, xiaomi redmi note 4 and other xiaomi version, of course each version has its own shortcomings and advantages, but which I will describe in this article are the advantages and disadvantages of hp xiaomi in general.

A. The advantages of Xiaomi brand phones
Here are some advantages xiaomi brand phones in general

1. Hp xiaomi Has Similar Features IPhone

Hp xiaomi is staying digadang similar to the iphone, even a brand of mobile phone this one is often referred to as the iPhone from the bamboo curtain country, this is not without reason because it is from the software and mobile phone hardware this one is full of innovations as well as iPhone products from Apple , so it is not surprising that many dubbed xiaomi as the iPhone of the bamboo curtain country.

In terms of hardware or hardware design is very futuristic full of innovation and different from most mobile phones. so also with the software one of them is the operating system, xiaomi using android operating system that has been modified with the addition of features that are complete enough so that from the side view of the operating system software slightly different from android operating system that is widely used by other mobile phone brands.

2. Cheap but Have High Specification

The second advantage of xiaomi phone is, this phone brand has a high specification but the price is very cheap when compared with other brands of mobile phones with similar specifications, so it is no wonder many consumers are hunting this one phone.

So if you want to buy hp with high specification good chipshet, internal memory and other hardware but with cheap price then answer is xiaomi,

3. Xiaomi Not A Mobile Brand

The 3rd xiaomi advantage is, xiaomi brand is now known as hp which is quite elegant, and not a cheap hp brand, it is proved by many people who in droves like to have this hp, unlike most chinese mobile phone, with xiaomi in no style lost with hp brands that are already famous.

4. Application support is very complete

Because using the android system, then xiaomi as well as other phones that use andaroid phone, in addition xiaomi supported with various designs that you can easily download the theme for free.

B. Lack of Xiaomi Brand phone

A product besides having advantages also has a weakness, for the following xiaomi phones are its weaknesses.

1. It has many versions of ROM / Firmware

Xioami circulating in indonesi has many versions of ROM including:
  1. Rom China Official
  2. Rom Global Official
  3. Rom Developer China
  4. Rom Distributor Abal-abal

Type of rom owned xiaomi phone will greatly determine the performance of the phone itself and also the default application in it. for those of you who want to have xiaomi make sure that you do not choose xiaomi phone with Rom distributor abal-alal alias curse, because rom this one very likely will have many shortcomings. To find out more the shortcomings of Rom distributors abal-abal please read:

The best Xiaomi is xiaomi with rom Global official, chinese official or developer china, because xiaomi with rom this type 100% original, in it already installed google playstore app and also other google app very useful, so you do not have to bother to install it itself, besides this rom already has a choice of Indonesian language so it is suitable for the people of Indonesia.

While Rom Cnal official only has a choice of chinese and english languages ​​and in it has not installed google playstroe and other apps, so have to install it yourself, this rom is also 100% original but actually xiaomi version with this rom is devoted to china area marketing only

2. Many Xiaomi Products with distributor's warranty

The best xiaomi product is xiaomi with official warranty, because the xiaomi product with official warranty may be highly qualified and it is very easy to make a warranty claim if the device is defective.

While xiaomi with distributor warranty, product quality is less secure and difficult to make warranty claim if there is damage to device in warranty period, therefore it is recommended you buy xiaomi which have official guarantee. but actually distributorpun warranty does not matter but you must ensure that the distributor you choose is a responsible distributor and already have a name, so it will ease the warranty claims in case of things that are not desired on xiaomi products purchased.

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The advantages and disadvantages of a product including the xiaomi phone you should know before buying xiaomi so you can consider whether it is worth buying or not. so about the advantages and disadvantages xiaomi phone, hopefully the article above useful for you.

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