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Before answering the title above, it's good we glance at the king of social media in the world of facebook. Ever ga we have an incident where we are in the photo tags by the parties who are not interested, either the photo of clothes, handphone, or other clear pictures that are not important and have nothing to do with us. Have we ever experienced the incident where we want to write the status but do not want the status known by the boyfriend for example or even our teachers or lecturers?

That's probably only a small part of the small problems that exist on facebook. There are still many other problems ranging from problems writing the status, comments to the problem of privacy to be the main problems that exist in facebook. Where now everything we do in the king of social media ie facebook space motion should we limit itself. Wrong-one thing we do on facebook can bring us to something that smells of criminality.

There may be other problems that I can not mention one by one about the shortcomings of facebook that are constantly restored by its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Google is now the king of search engines in the world trying to offer a better solution of all the problems that exist in facebook. Yes…. google + the answer ....

What is google +?

Google+ is a new social media service launched by google to answer the needs of facebook users who have limited space, security, and privacy.
Google+ trying to split our lives in social media in accordance with our characters like in the real world. For example: when we talk to a close friend we must talk and talk bluntly and freely tease each other without fear of misunderstanding. But what happens if we talk to teachers or lecturers for example? Of course, our words and language patterns will be more polite to them.

Through one of the features of "circle" we can classify our friends into their respective groups, Like being in the real world, we alone are grouping our friends into groups. For example friends, relatives, teachers / lecturers, groups of nature lovers, etc. With the "circle" feature, Google+ has an advantage in terms of status updates. When we update status, we will be asked to "circle" where the status will be in publish? And ultimately the status that we write can only be read by those in the "circle" that we are headed. In the picture below I can see that I tried to do post posting comments to the "circle" lecturer I have.
Through "circle" too we do not need to be bewildered flooded status from various parties that may number hundreds and even thousands. We can group each person into our "circle" and through the "circle" we can also group their status. Below I try to show "circle" IT partner that I have. From the picture it can be seen that only the status of my partner's IT circle appears.
Another feature that is the advantage of google + is the "sparks" feature. With the feature "sparks" we can get everything related to our interest. For example if we idolize a Sherina Munaf, then we can classify it into "sparks" and we will get everything associated with the idol. Below I have an interest in android, and I put android into "sparks" that I have. Then I will get all the information related to my interest.
As I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this paper that in the photo tags by unauthorized parties really very annoying. Especially if the photo is commented on by many people. Of course there will be many notifications that we will get. Well ... one other advantage of google + this is to try to ask permission to the party in the tag. Do we approve of ourselves in the tags in the photo ?! If you agree then we are in the photo tag and if not then the tag will be canceled.

So I can explain about google +.

If anyone still asks "what is google +?" And how do I access it? Please try directly and register yourself on the site google +, because now google + has been opened to the public even though still in the test phase.

In conclusion ... "what is google +?" Overall feature of google + itself is similar to facebook. The difference is the two main features of "circle" and "sparks". In addition it seems google + try to combine facebook and twitter as a container network of friends (facebook) and also as a network of information (twitter). But even though it is said that the level of security, features and various other facilities are said to be ahead of facebook is good we still wa.
Goole + has many advantages or advantages, though still losing popularity with social media twitter and facebook. But google plus has its own advantages compared to other social media.
Check out the advantages of google plus in lansir from the following mashable:

  1. The Google+ mobile look also looks perfect with a slick design, especially if you're an Android-based smartphone user.
  2. If you already use Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa or other Google features, you can make the most of it more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Hangout features in Google+ like chatrooms that you can also use to share documents.
  4. The repost facility on google + is known as reshared, so we can quote a setatus of friends in our circle, repert retweets on twitter.
  5. Gif image uploads can work and run on google +.
  6. Different font modes, different from facebook and twitter. On google plus can write a setatus in bold, italic, or streak mode.
  7. Another positive side of Google+ is increasing visibility and ranking for business interests.
  8. Google+ offers a cooler photo gallery view, easier uploads, and can also be accessed via G + mobile.
  9. Hangout features in Google+ like chatrooms that you can also use to share documents.
  10. Like Twitter, Google+ has data trending topic
  11. Circle or Circle is the easiest way to organize your friend list
  12. ama like a friend request, demand games on Facebook also start sucks. On Google+ it will not happen.
  13. The search system on Google+ is even better because Google's main goal is to build a nearly perfect search system.
  14. Tagging photos or photo tagging is more personal and can be arranged about the form of spread.
  15. Privacy settings offered by Google+ are more detailed and clear. Profile settings are also more simple but elegant.

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